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Enchanting moments

When To Meditate

So often people often say they don’t have time to meditate. It’s been said: if we’ve got time to worry, we’ve got time to meditate!

The best times are first thing in the morning when we wake up – before we look at your phone or start doing something – and last thing at night before going to sleep. Anytime we feel worried, nervous, upset or undecided about something is a good time to put meditation into practice.

At mealtimes, when we are cooking, at the traffic lights or waiting for a bus, while the kettle is boiling or the computer is booting up – these are all times when we can meditate. It’s a brilliant use of free time or unexpected delays to pause and re-energise ourselves.

Getting into the flow

Do You Have a Minute?

One minute’s calm can make next 59 minutes easies and more successful.

Try just-a-minute and see for yourself. Pausing on the hour every hour or at regular times in the day is a great way to check and steer your thoughts in a positive direction. You can set up reminders and tools on your laptop, phone or watch to help you to stop and refresh. We call it ‘traffic control’ – calming the ‘traffic’ in your own mind.

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