Brigitte Lorcher

Retired teacher, Bremen

Raja Yoga has changed something fundamental in my life: It has shifted the relationship between head and heart! The teaching of Raja-Yoga did not - as feared - override my extremely critical, dominant and mistrustful mind, but on the contrary sharpened the truth, stimulated inquiry and research and assigned it a serving instead of dominating place. The meditation practice - yoga - has not turned out to be - as feared - a remote and aloof exercise, but an extremely lively and creative connection with the highest, - better said as the "love of my life"! I have found a friend and partner in this Supreme Being who has guided, accompanied and strengthened me on my path in a way that was clear, reliable, wise, patient, loving and gentle in a way that no human being could. He didn't take my heart by storm, but quietly took a seat in it and healed it sustainably from the inside out, freed it and strengthened it in such a way that it can be advised by the head and mind, but can no longer be controlled. Ultimately The more love and wisdom I have, the closer I feel to my goal of self-sovereignty interact and the duality of head and heart is eliminated.