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BK Philosophy

In order to integrate life-changing experiences beneficially, we need a framework to relate to. By exploring the most fundamental question of all: “Who am I?” we become masters of ourselves so that we can take more control of our lives. This ends the game of blame. A deepened spiritual awareness frees us from the cage of illusions. We are empowered to take responsibility for shaping our own lives. The present becomes a real gift.

A spiritual lifestyle

The four pillars of the BK philosophy

The study of spiritual knowledge

Universal truths regarding the nature of the soul, God and the impact of a close relationship between the two form the background of our spiritual pursuits. This understanding helps us to master the constant flow of the experiences we call life.

The practice of Raja Yoga meditation

Step by step we are guided through a process that helps us to perceive and develop our inner powers and potentials. Through less but more powerful thinking, we begin to feel our own greatness.

In Raja Yoga meditation we discover that silence is a real gateway to contentment. Silence leads us to a point of complete stillness in the "now", like pressing a pause button that temporarily stops our life movie.

In this way we find ourselves beyond time. The more time we give to stillness, the more we gain the feeling of having more time.

Conscious internalisation of virtues

Spirituality means being able to apply certain skills even in unfavourable situations and circumstances. This experience strengthens self-confidence.

We learn to understand and master the energy of love - in giving not in receiving.

Our gaze naturally focuses more and more on our own positive abilities and those of others, rather than on deficits. Relationships can heal.

Serving others spiritually

The natural outgrowth of understanding spiritual truths, practising Raja Yoga and developing skills is the desire to serve others. To serve is our highest calling and fills us with a new sense of purpose.

Spiritual service encourages others in their efforts to stand on their own feet and make their own choices. The goal is to support others in such a way that they too recognise love, peace and happiness as their inner treasures.

Freedom through understanding

Get new perspectives through the ancient wisdom

We live in a time of global and complex challenges that cannot be met with academic theories and knowledge alone. Different forms of knowledge, such as experience knowledge or ancient spiritual wisdom can help to better deal with challenges. The BK philosophy of Raja Yoga offers perspectives on complex crises and fundamental questions of meaning.


“Let there be light. And more light…” At this time of dark attitudes, when gloom and mental distress plague many lives, you may be ready for something fresh in your life that adds bounce to your step. Something that is free.


The debate about God has lingered for centuries. Some people debunk all notion of a God. Some remain devout till death.


We present our family tree in a completely new way. It includes all the souls of the world.


Travellers to different countries are familiar with the ‘samsara’ – the wheel of life – depicted in textiles, pottery art, and folklore. The idea appears frequently in religious and philosophical texts of both India and ancient Greece in the middle of the first millennium B.C.E.


What comes around goes around… Life is made of action and reaction – nothing less.

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