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What Others Say about us

The offers in our meditation schools are aimed at people with different interests. Some are looking for a balance to their demanding professional life and want to draw peace and strength. Others are concerned with questions of meaning about life and are interested in spiritual wisdom. Some are interested in a common practice and exchange for personal development and much more.
Our courses, seminars, meditations and retreats are an offer from which everyone can choose according to their own interests and needs. The experiences people have with the teaching and practice of Raja Yoga Meditation are as varied as they are themselves. The following testimonials give an insight into this diversity.

Experiencing meditation and wisdom


Niranjan Mukherjee
With Raja Yoga Meditation, my heart was able to develop…
Pooja Rane
I was born and raised in the “Land of Truth…
Brigitte Lörcher
Raja Yoga has changed something fundamental in my life: It…
I used to have a hard time accepting criticism. Often…
The experience is life-changing, the way you look at everything…
The Raja Yoga Meditation and the knowledge about it have…
Angelika Schlegel
Through the Raja Yoga meditation for about 40 years I…
Marlene Kautz
The Raja Yoga Meditation has greatly strengthened my self-respect and…

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