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Pooja Rane

Business Analyst, State Street International Bank GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

I was born and raised in the "Land of Truth - Bharat" now known as "India". Yes, BHARAT is an ancient land of true wisdom, but as an Indian I was very far from the true meaning of my own life. Confused, insecure, worried, newlywed and financial analyst in an American bank - these were the mediocre titles I carried when I entered Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University about 5 years ago. Were these titles just pushed onto me? No, certainly not, I chose them myself, bizarre isn't it? Today we all live in a replica world that is not our "REAL LIFE". Our real life resides in our own mind. Our outer world is but a mirror of our inner reality". These were the first versions of the truth that I encountered from Brahma Kumaris. Of course, I was not only taught these philosophical phrases, but I was provided with practical knowledge that I can use in my daily life to take my own inner world - the world of my thoughts, feelings and emotions - and transform it in beautiful ways to create a happy, peaceful and harmonious outer world. The Rajayoga meditation taught and learned here by all is a practical way to live your own TRUE LIFE. Today, when I meet myself in the mirror, I see myself not with the mediocre titles the world has labeled me with, but through the true vision of the Source of Wisdom, I see myself as a self-respecting individual, ready to serve others with pure To give the gift of love, respect and inner strength that everyone needs most today. I have seen myself healed emotionally and physically every time I have approached the TRUE WISDOM shared at Brahma Kumaris and I wish that one day you too will experience your inner beauty. Om Shanti!